Moodivation is your
Listen to your Employees

Be aware of your employees’ thoughts and feelings with pulse surveys and feedbacks.

Get Real Data

Analyze the survey results and comments to take necessary actions. Show that you hear every suggestion and opinion.

Increase Engagement

Being visible and heard is a driving force of engagement. Increase engagement by taking actions based on results.

Moodivation: Continuous, fast and real feedback…

Pulse Surveys

Get the most up-to-date insights about your employees' thoughts and evaluate the engagement with pulse surveys.

Anonymous Feedbacks

Your employees can share their true thoughts and feelings by sending feedback with the option to remain anonymous whenever and wherever they want.

Ready to use Surveys

Get the opinions of your employees quickly, and take the right steps with the results that you can implement in your decision making progress.

Learning Center

Support the development of your operational managers at the right points with enriched weekly contents and suggested actions.

New generation employee engagement platform

Moodivation enables you to measure employee engagement, identify areas of improvement and take action with question sets designed accordingly with global parameters of employee engagement.

Measure Easily

Your employees can log in to the system with their phone numbers or e-mail addresses, complete pulse surveys from anywhere they want and answer freely while remaining anonymous.

Constant Development

Moodivation reports and data enables you to identify your areas of improvement, take precautions, make changes, and share the progress with your employees.

Deep Analysis

Analyze the survey reports instantly as department, branch, gender, age, top talent, experience and plan your actions accordingly with the data.

Multi-way Comparison

Compare the average ratios of the company and the departments or branches with heatmaps and Moodivation reports.

Get the answers easily to develop your business

With Moodivation, you can conduct surveys on any subject you want to get opinions from your employees and support participation and inclusion.

Ready to Use Surveys

You can choose among dozens of survey templates easily and send it to your employees to start getting answers.

Fast Results, Right Decisions

Measure employee satisfaction, get results quickly and take the right steps with the results that you can implement in your decision making progress.

Choose Participants

Some of the surveys may need to be sent to certain departments or individuals in your organization. With Moodivation, you can easily send surveys to the people you want.

Freedom to send anonymous feedbacks

Moodivation enables participants to remain anonymous and therefor respond freely. Increase the quality of interaction by getting the real feelings and thoughts.

Secured Communication

All your company data, personal information and communication are encrypted and stored 100% securely.

Create Value

Getting the real thoughts and feelings of your employees is a valuable resource for your company that contributes to development.

Assign Managers

You can assign feedback managers to departments, branches or to a certain group in your organization.

Your growth partner

Accelerate develeopment and growth at the right areas and observe the improvement with the content of the learning center prepared by experts and shaped according to the results of your surveys.

Rich Content

Support the development of your operational managers at the right points with enriched weekly contents.


Support the development of all your employees with the blog content created by experts.

Suggested Actions

Your operational managers get suggested actions derived from their areas of development to increase engagement with their team.

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