Create a
Feedback Culture

Moodivation’s anonymous feedback feature allows creating a feedback culture throughout the year and leads the change for a better workplace.

Anonymous feedbacks

Freedom to Remain Anonymous

Listen to Your Employees

Moodivation enables your employees to communicate freely. Employees can express their thoughts and feelings by using the option to remain anonymous which can allow you to get real feedbacks and take necessary actions before problems grow.

Secured Communication

All data and conversations are encrypted and safely stored.

Clearest Insights

Moodivation allows all your employees to be heard and gets you the clearest insights.

Feedback Culture

Admın Dashboard

See all the Insights on Dashboard

Moodivation guides management teams by creating reports and tracking at every step.

See the Overall Status

You can see the feedback types and response rates in a single report and improve your feedback culture.

Assign Feedback Managers

Assign any manager to teams, departments or branches as the feedback manager.

Respond to feedback

Respond Easily

You can easily access and respond to feedbacks from your employees through the application or the web. Make your employees feel heard by responding to their feedback.

Start creating a feedback culture and listen to your employees' now!

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