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Lower Turnover Rate


Higher Efficiency


Higher Customer Engagement


Lower Absenteesim

reach all your employees

Fast & Easy Measurement

Send question sets approved by the global authorities of employee engagement to all your teams easiliy via mobile app or the Website. Get answers within 5 minutes and see your corporate engagement reports instantly.

*We can adapt the question sets according to your organizational structure.

analyze the general sıtuatıon

All the Answers In One Report

Moodivation engagement technology allows you to see the company’s overall engagement score and distribution, as well as e-nps scores, trend graph, department and branch comparisons after every engagement survey.

Start the Change

Send Pulse Surveys

View engagement scores of every part of your organization with the surveys you make in the periods you want.

Review Results

Analyze the results in many breakdowns such as department, branch, gender, experience and plan your actions based on data.

Take Action

Create the perfect employee experience by knowing the areas of improvement your employees need.

view on heatmap

See the Whole Picture Clearly with Heatmap

View & Create Parameters

Moodivation heatmaps will reveal the overall status of your company by showing each parameter on a single screen and allowing you to detect problems before they grow.

Reviews That Show the Comment, Not Just the Answer

Moodivation surveys encourage your employees not only to give an answer, but also to comment and express their thoughts clearly. The comments they submit anonymously provides valuable data to decision makers.

Every disengaged employee in your company works with a 34% less performance!

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