We believe in the power of happy
employees for success.

With Moodivation technology, we let you hear the real voices of your employees and help create a more participatory and inclusive corporate atmosphere. We develop our technology constantly for a higher engaged and a more productive work environment.

It’s nice to meet you!

As Moodivation’s brain team, we are with you every step of the way. We aim to improve Moodivation by growing our team every day with highly experienced experts in many fields such as Human Resources, Wellbeing, Employee Psychology and Executive Coaching.

Our Team

Kerem Tarhan


Cihan Okkaoğlu


Kudret Türk


Aysegul Cora

Business Development Manager

Onur Özdemir

Product Designer

Neslihan Muradoğlu

Content Manager

Tolgahan Sara

Customer Experience Manager

Göker Zafer

Senior Frontend Developer

Uğur Üçyıldız

Senior Backend Developer

Ali Uğurlu

Backend Developer

Board of Consultants

Işık Şerifsoy

Employee Engagement Coach

Mert Emcan

Executive Coach

Yaşar Bivas

Career Influencer

Elsa Jorge

People & Culture Specialist

Our Motivation Officers



We provide unique performance & culture solutions through employee engagement programs.

Using our knowledge and expertise, we care bringing a fresh perspective to talent management and employee engagement.


UNITE People through Meaningful Relationships of Genuine Trust.

A unicorn candidate built on trust, technology & development: Moodivation


Your Data is Encrypted and Stored Securely

Security Policy

All data in Moodivation is encrypted and securely stored in accordance with the data proctection law and user agreement.

We are in full compliance with legal requirements regarding the protection of your information and not sharing it with third parties under any circumstances.

Global Vision

We are constantly working to expand Moodivation technology with its multilingual options to institutions and employees all over the world in a short time.