Gartner’s HR agenda for 2024

HR is in a constant state of flux, and HR leaders are preparing to meet the challenges and make the most of the opportunities. As it does every year, Gartner has published a study on the issues that HR will prioritise in the coming year. We have summarised this research for you.

According to Gartner’s research, the top priorities for HR leaders in 2024 will be leadership and manager development and organisational culture. In a survey of 520 HR leaders, the following priorities were identified for 2024:

  1. Leadership and manager development
  2. Organisational culture
  3. HR technology
  4. Change Management
  5. Career Management and Mobility


Leadership and manager development

According to the survey results, organisations often try to respond to the challenges faced by managers by offering development opportunities. However, additional training or upskilling efforts are not enough to improve the effectiveness of managers. At this point, organisations should focus on making managers’ tasks more manageable. To achieve this, it is important to review role expectations, remove barriers in work processes and introduce new habits to help managers develop the desired behaviours.


Organisational culture

According to the Gartner survey, there is a growing belief that many organisations are unable to measure culture effectively and do not know how to drive change. The two key areas of change that Gartner recommends are: firstly, leaders need to understand the values and goals of the organisation; secondly, organisations need to be more intentional about their commitment to culture as they move to more hybrid operating models.


HR Technology

The rapid evolution of technology is a major challenge for HR leaders. In this context, Gartner provides a comprehensive framework for assessing technology, focusing on governance, workforce readiness, vendor outlook, and risk and ethics criteria. When approaching new technologies, it is critical to carefully consider who will adopt the technology, how it will be governed, how it will impact current and future ways of working, supplier options, and the risks and ethical considerations associated with its use. In the recruitment process, HR technology saves employers time and effort by automating a range of tasks from job advertisements to candidate tracking. At the same time, it helps to make more informed and strategic decisions, supported by features such as data analytics and artificial intelligence. As a result, HR technologies are critical in today’s business world, enabling organisations to gain a competitive advantage and significantly improve the employee experience.


Change Management

The nature of modern business is change, and change is so intense that it causes fatigue. Change fatigue has become a pervasive problem that negatively impacts talent outcomes. Gartner recommends three key principles to effectively manage change fatigue: identification (educating employees about the factors that cause fatigue), prevention (embedding psychological safety in teams and co-creating change strategies with employees), and remediation (facilitating honest change conversations with employees and showing empathy).


Career management and mobility

The survey highlights the statement made by many employees that there is a lack of clarity about career paths in their organisations. Progressive employers are moving from traditional career paths to flexible career paths. This involves a focus on aligning career paths with changing organisational structure and employee needs, rather than rigid job descriptions and organisational charts.


Moodivation’s response to the Gartner research

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