Sustainability through employee engagement

There is a much stronger link between employee engagement and sustainability than you might think. Think of it this way; engaged employees who are committed to their jobs and workplace constantly look for ways to do their jobs better. You can explain to an engaged employee that financial, environmental and social issues are connected. Even more, you are likely to hear from them that these issues are interdependent.

Sincere sustainability goals of companies trigger employee engagement.

And employee engagement is the greatest power for a company to achieve its sustainability goals.


Sustainable work and life

Today, sustainability is addressed in a wide range of issues, from using renewable energy sources to reducing waste, from initiating recycling programmes to gender equality. On the other hand, we have either felt the effects of climate change or we are very close to feeling it. It is not possible to talk about the future success of organisations without achieving sustainability goals. Remember how the quarantine periods we experienced during the pandemic radically changed our lives. The first period when shops were closed, cargo companies did not work; people hardly met their needs… Instead of forgetting the stress we experienced during these periods, we can use it to prepare for possible bad scenarios. It is crucial that we ensure the sustainability of life in order to talk about the sustainability of the business. This is possible through serious strategic changes to be made by governments, institutions and even individuals.

For this reason, many organizations focus on sustainable business practices that consider the future while meeting the needs of today. However, the success of these efforts is only possible when employees are involved in the processes. Employee engagement and sustainability goals are of parallel importance from this point of view.


New generation wants sustainability

Before analysing how employee engagement drives sustainability programmes, let’s recall the findings of Deloitte’s 2021 research, which analyses the wants and needs of the new generation of employees. According to the research, they want to work for organisations committed to implementing sustainability initiatives. When it comes to purchasing decisions, 28 per cent of respondents stated that they prefer organisations whose “products and services benefit the environment”. Millennials and Gen Z respondents clearly state that they do not want to work for organisations they think are harming the planet.


Which comes first: Sustainability or employee engagement?

It is not possible to find out from which point the circle starts. These two topics should be included in our strategic agenda together and side by side. Engaging employees in sustainability goals builds trust, excitement, commitment and ownership. A vigorous sustainability strategy triggers their willing participation.


– It is the ideal way to attract talented candidates to your organisation.

– Sincerely implemented sustainability programmes help your employees find the meaning and value they seek.

– Sustainability programmes are a unique cost-saving tool for companies.

– Innovative thinking is fuelled by thinking about the future.

– Working side by side and intertwined, sustainability and employee engagement goals deliver social benefits.

– Employees who sincerely participate in sustainability programmes affect their families and, most importantly, their children.

It is possible to multiply these benefits. But let’s open a special title for the “sincerity” issue and complete our article with the most sincere wishes 🙂 


Turning green or green washing

The word “sincerity”, which we use in many parts of this article, is a common need of sustainability and employee engagement programmes. Sustainability is the most critical demand of our planet right now. How far can we go with “marketing” steps taken without compromising profitability?  Think about this point once more as you take the steps that carry your company, your employees and naturally the society you live in into the future. Are you working for advertising or for change? Is your goal just to look good to talented people, or do you have a real strategy to turn them into engaged employees of your company? The walls we paint green can turn back to their original colour in the first big storm caused by climate change. So how about transforming green and persuading everyone to willingly participate in this transformation?